An Essential Buyers Guide for Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces (2023)

An Essential Buyers Guide for Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces (1)

The decision to purchase an Opti-Myst water vapor fireplace is an easy one—and also somewhat difficult.

It’s easy because the attractive looks, high quality, and value water vapor fireplaces can add to your home are unquestionable.

It’s difficult because there are many choices to make in choosing just the right Opti-Myst fireplace for your home.

This guide will walk through those choices and help you to narrow them down until only one choice, the right choice for you and your home, is left.

We’ll be answering the following questions in this guide:

  • Are there models that fit a small budget?
  • What product goes best with my space/decor/room?
  • What if I need a fireplace that serves as a heat source?

To help you choose the ideal Opti-Myst fireplace for your needs, we have three fireplaces for your consideration.

We’ll show you the best small budget model, three fireplace styles, and a water vapor fireplace that, yes, can serve as a heat source as well as an attractive feature in your home.

Types of Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces

An Essential Buyers Guide for Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces (2)

  • Built-in Firebox - A built-in water vapor fireplace needs a home in your home—provided by fitting it into one of your walls. There’s even a model that can be two-sided, allowing for a see-through fireplace.
  • Cassette - The cassette-style fireplace is quite versatile. It can be placed just about anywhere you can hardwire it into your 120 V electrical system.
  • Hearth Inserts - These are made to convert an existing fireplace to a water vapor fireplace. They install into your existing hearth, giving it a fresh new look.

Let’s take a look at some specific models of each, and in the process, answer those questions as promised.

An Essential Buyers Guide for Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces (3)

1 - The Opti-Myst Pro 1500 Built-In Firebox

The Opti-Myst Pro 1500 Built-In firebox is the top-of-the-line built-in style we carry. It’s the largest built-in firebox—and the most impressive—available.

DIMPLEX Opti-Myst® Pro 1500 Built-In Electric Firebox

Important Features of Opti-Myst Pro 1500 Built-In Firebox

  • Revolutionary technology - Opti-Myst technology produces a lifelike flame and smoke effect using nothing more than a fine mist of water.
  • Versatile placement - The removable backer panel allows you to create a two-sided fireplace, giving you a double-sided and see-through viewing.
  • Customizable looks - You have two options for making the Pro 1500 truly unique. There are spacers included with your purchase to change the width of the flames and, if you desire, a variety of different “log” styles to add to the fuel bed for a more realistic look.

How the Pro 1500 Compares With Our Other Models

  • Supplemental heat source - The Pro 1500 has a fan-forced heating unit that can warm up to 400 sq. ft. Most Opti-Myst models don’t produce heat; only the Pro 1500 and the Pro 1000. The Pro 1500 heat source only heats in one direction, even if installed as a double-sided fireplace.
  • Largest viewing area - With a visible firebox of 62 in X 17.5 in, the Pro 1500 is the largest water vapor fireplace available from Opti-Myst. The sleek, modern look can take a dull wall of your home and turn it into a feature without adding anything more.

If you’d like to read more about this stylish, modern supplemental heat source/water vapor fireplace combined, as well as check out some reviews and testimonials from happy homeowners, check out our catalog listing below for the Opti-Myst Pro 1500 Built-In Firebox.


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2 - Opti-Myst 500 Water Vapor Fireplace Cassette

A fireplace cassette can be installed almost anywhere. You don’t need a hearth or a hole in the wall. Just a 120 V electrical supply. When your fireplace runs on water, it costs just pennies an hour to enjoy all year long.

The Opti-Myst 500 cassette is only 20 in long, making it ideal for smaller spaces and unique installation. We’ve seen them installed in window seats, indoor planters, and even, as the photo below shows, tables.

It’s the perfect option for those concerned with matching a fireplace to their existing decor, as you’re only limited by your imagination and budget.

DIMPLEX Opti-Myst® 500 20" Water vapor Fireplace Cassette

Important Features of Opti-Myst 500 Cassettes

  • Completely safe - Your fireplace may be hanging out in public, but it’s not presenting any public safety hazards. The innovative water mist technology produces no heat, no fumes, no smoke, making it perfectly safe for pets, children, and your home.
  • Easy to maintain - Opti-Myst fireplaces and fireboxes all need routine cleaning and maintenance every two weeks. In between, all you need for a roaring fire is to fill the water tank with filtered tap water, and you’re good to go.
  • Handy remote control - Each unit comes with a battery-operated remote that can turn the unit on and off, control the height of the flames, and adjust the volume of the realistic “crackle” sound technology.

How the Opti-Myst 500 Cassette Fireplace Compares With Our Other Models

  • Compact size - At only 20 in length, the 500 Cassette is the smallest Opti-Myst model available. This gives it a unique versatility in installation options and allows you to fit it into almost any room of your home.
  • Versatility - The beauty of Opti-Myst Cassettes is you can connect as many as you like. Imagine the perfect fireplace for your home - its length, location, one side or two, or how about three? You can build it by connecting multiple 500 Cassette units. It’s your dream come true.

Let your mind go wild and, as the saying goes, play with fire. Then, visit our online catalog to read reviews and more information on this highly versatile, unique, family-friendly cassette fireplace.


3 - Opti-Myst Open Hearth Fireplace Insert

For both the budget-conscious and those with more traditional decor, the Opti-Myst Open Hearth Fireplace Insert may be the answer to your heart’s desire.

At under $1000, the Open Hearth Insert is one of the least expensive Opti-Myst options.

Since it can be inserted into any existing hearth or faux mantle, it can give you the Opti-Myst revolutionary green energy, clean energy water vapor technology no matter how low-tech your home might be.

An Essential Buyers Guide for Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces (6)

DIMPLEX DLGM29 Opti-Myst Open Hearth Fireplace Insert with Faux Logs Bed, Alabaster

Important Features of Opti-Myst Open Hearth Fireplace Insert

  • Long-lasting flames - the easy-to-fill water tank will operate for 14 to 16 hours before needing a refill of filtered water.
  • Hand-finished details - The metal grate, logs, and embers are all hand-finished, with the logs and embers molded from real burnt wood, giving it a realistic look that’ll fool your family and friends.

How the Opti-Myst Open Hearth Fireplace Insert Compares With Our Other Models

  • Freestanding - There’s no need for construction crews or messy renovations. The unit stands on its own and can be placed into many existing fireplaces or into products made for electric fireplace units, such as entertainment centers and mantles.
  • No hardwiring required - The other Opti-Myst models we’ve featured here all need to be hardwired into your home’s electrical system. The Open Hearth Insert’s power supply, however, simply plugs into any standard wall outlet.

With its stylish, traditional fireplace looks, lifelike flame and smoke technology, low price, and ease of installation and use, the Opti-Myst Open Hearth Insert Fireplace may just be the way to go to bring a water vapor fireplace into your home.

Read more about it and see what others have to say through our Amazon affiliate link below.


What is an Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplace?

The simple answer? An electric fireplace.

(Video) Indoor Smokeless Firepit Feature (How does the dimplex opti myst work?)

The complicated answer? A whole lot more than your average electric fireplace ever dreamed of being. A transducer inside the unit uses ultrasonic technology to turn water into ultra-fine mist.

The mist and LED lights then create the illusion of real smoke and flames. A sound unit adds to this illusion by providing the characteristic “pop” and “crackle” of a real wood-burning fire.

Top that with hand-finished details like “wood” logs—made to look as if you spent all day picking up driftwood from the beach or practicing your lumberjack skills in the backyard—and it all adds up to an electric fireplace with a style and attitude that can’t be beaten.

There’s also the added benefit of no soot, smoke, smell, and dangers of a real fire.

Advantages and Benefits of Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces

Advantages of an Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplace

Let’s recap some advantages of choosing an Opti-Myst model water vapor fireplace or firebox.

  • Stylish - Whether you choose the sleek modern look of a built-in model, the versatility of a cassette model, or the more traditional hearth look of an insert unit, Opti-Myst has something to suit your style.
  • Easy to use - Simply fill the tank with filtered tap water (yes, the stuff in the pitcher in the fridge would work), and you’re ready for hours of enjoyment around the “fire.”
  • Green technology - There’s no wood to burn or toxic smoke to pollute the air, and it only costs pennies of electricity for operation compared to other electric models, making it water-fueled and earth-friendly.
  • Safe - The water vapor released by an Opti-Myst unit doesn’t even reach the same temperature as your tea kettle or bath. It’s completely safe for children, pets, the elderly, and your home.

Benefits of an Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplace

We can talk about the hours of enjoyment your family will receive. We can mention the “wow” factor family, friends, and guests will get when they first experience your Opti-Myst water vapor fireplace in action.

Or we can simply say that owning an Opti-Myst water vapor fireplace adds value to your home and to the time you spend in it.

Common Features of All Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces

1 - Easy to Use and Maintain

All of our Opti-Myst models are easy to use and maintain. They require some regular, routine cleaning and filtered tap water or salted distilled water to keep them functioning properly.

Water, a soft cloth, some dish soap, a towel, and the cleaning brush supplied with your purchase, and you’re ready to enjoy your Opti-Myst fireplace for years to come.

The video below shows just how easy it is to fill/refill your unit’s water tank.

2 - Realism Without the Fuss and Danger

The one thing you consistently read in reviews and testimonials for the entire Opti-Myst line is how real they look in operation.

Most quality electric fireplaces offer some realism—a lifelike look. The combination of the water vapor and the LED lighting in an Opti-Myst, however, makes the eye see a fire where there isn’t one.

Another thing that many owners comment on is the safety of having an Opti-Myst in their homes. Children, pets, the elderly, friends, family, and guests are all safe around the fire because there is no fire. There’s not even the danger of hot steam causing burns.

“The flame is so real, and safe to the touch. Which is important when you have a small child.”
M. Cox, Amazon reviewer

Enjoy real fire looks without the real fire dangers.

(Video) Net Zero Afire Electric fireplace Review! (Is It Better Than the Dimplex Opti-Myst)

3 - High-Quality Manufacturing

We’ve had owners happily using and enjoying their Opti-Myst fireplaces for 5 to 6 years before any serious mechanical issues arose or parts needed to be replaced.

We offer a 1-year warranty, too, just in case something is wrong from the start. It’s all part of our customer satisfaction guarantee. We strive to only sell the best, highest quality products in the electric fireplace world—and we think Opti-Myst fits that to a T.

Price Range

The table below gives you our current list prices for the three models we’ve discussed, as well as several other similar designs. There’s an Opti-Myst for just about any homeowner’s budget.

Opti-Myst Fireplace ModelAverage Price
Open Hearth Fireplace Insert$799.99
Media Console with Fireplace Insert$1200.00
500 Cassette Fireplace$1379.99
1000 Cassette Fireplace$2429.99
Pro 1000 Built-In Firebox$4299.99
Pro 1500 Built-In Firebox$6069.99

What Others Said About Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces

We’ve already shown you what one happy customer had to say about the safety and looks of their Opti-Myst water vapor fireplace. Let’s take a look at what some others have told us, too.

Here’s what everyone’s raving about:

  • The realism and lifelikeness of the flames
  • The overall aesthetics and style
  • The safety of water vapor “fire”
  • The quality of the workmanship

“…The "flames" look real from just a few feet away. Additionally, the build quality of the unit seems very good.”
Rob. S, Amazon reviewer

"I have a unit that I have used daily for three years without a single problem.”
Watson, Amazon reviewer

"Oh my god this is great! I freaked out my in-laws by putting my hand in the "flames"! It's perfect.”
Casey Coleman, Amazon reviewer

"Honestly, it's a work of art and ingenuity in its overall esthetics and functionality.”
Dario, Amazon reviewer

Do Opti-Myst Fireplaces Cause Condensation?

Yes. The units function using a water vapor mist. That water gets added to the air in the room and eventually causes condensation.

The longer the fireplace runs and the larger the unit installed, the more water gets released into the air. In a large, dry room, the condensation may be barely noticeable or not at all.

In smaller or more humid spaces, the condensation may become very noticeable quickly.

Do Opti-Myst Fireplaces Require Professional Installation?

There’s no real answer here, so we have to say that your Opti-Myst fireplace may require a pro, or it may not. If you want a built-in unit and you haven’t got a prepared space for it, or a new-built home to design one into, you may need a pro to help prepare the space.

The same goes for cassette models. You need to build something around them or have someplace prepared to drop them into. If you aren’t handy, call a pro.

Also, any unit that requires hardwiring into your home’s electricals will need to be seen by a professional electrician. We don’t recommend homeowners do their own hardwiring.

On the other hand, the hearth insert models can be set up and running in a matter of an hour or two by almost anyone. There’s even a handy DIY YouTube video to show you how to do it.

(Video) Dimplex Optimyst Fire | Set Up, Maintenance and Review | Bayport/Evandale Model

Can You Install an Opti-Myst Fireplace Outdoors?

At this time, there are no Opti-Myst models which can be installed outdoors. The manufacturer, Dimplex, hasn’t yet certified any of their Opti-Myst products for outdoor use.

Are Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces Noisy?

For the most part, Opti-Myst fireplaces don’t make any noise during normal functioning. The heat sources installed in some units have a fan to circulate the heat generated, and this fan motor and the airflow can be heard, but it’s no more intrusive than your computer fan running.

Here’s what an Opti-Myst owner in the UK had to say about “noisy” Opti-Myst fireplaces:

“With the heaters on there is a noise from the fan, but I do not think it is too noisy.”
Susan, Amazon UK reviewer

Are There Other Opti-Myst Water Vapor Models Available?

There are two additional types of Opti-Myst water vapor fireplaces available if you can find them. We had difficulty finding the wall-mounted fireplace and the freestanding Opti-Myst woodstove editions in stock and available for purchase.

Since our goal with this review was to help you decide which model to buy, we felt it only fair to feature those readily available from either us or through our Amazon affiliate links.

However, we also feel it’s fair to give you a brief look at the other options, in case they strike your fancy and you want to try to hunt one of them down.

An Essential Buyers Guide for Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces (7)

Opti-Myst Gosford Stove Fireplace,
currently only available in the UK

An Essential Buyers Guide for Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces (8)

Opti-Myst Wall Mounted Fireplace, Currently unavailable

The Right Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplace for You?

Have you made your choice of which Opti-Myst water vapor fireplace is the right one for you and your home? Will it be a large and impressive Pro model, shimmering in your den wall? Or perhaps a series of cassettes, set below a wide picture window?

Or perhaps you already have a hearth and simply need an upgrade from messy, eco-harming wooding to a charming and earth-friendly water vapor insert for it?

We sincerely hope you’ve found this buyer’s guide helpful in making just the right choice in an Opti-Myst water vapor fireplace.

If you have any further questions or need more help, please feel free to contact us any time. Send us an email, chat with us online, or call our toll-free number. Our friendly customer service folks will be more than happy to assist in every way they can.

An Essential Buyers Guide for Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces (9)

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An Essential Buyers Guide for Opti-Myst Water Vapor Fireplaces (10)

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Are Dimplex Opti Myst fires expensive to run? ›

In fact, using the Opti Myst Pro 1000 for zone heating can save you money in energy costs. Running this fireplace on heater mode will only cost you a few pennies per hour. You can also run the flame effects with the heating off when you don't need to heat the room.

Are water vapor fireplaces good? ›

Water Vapor Fireplace is one of the best alternatives to traditional wood or gas fireplaces for several reasons: They have the most realistic flame imitation out of all other alternative fireplace types. They don't produce any harmful emissions, keeping your air clean.

Do Opti Myst fires cause condensation? ›

Dimplex Opti-Myst is not for you if:

You have a very small space and want to install an Opti-Myst fireplace, as it can cause condensation. You want a fireplace, which is connected to a fixed water installation and do not have the opportunity.

Can you use Opti Myst fire without the water? ›

An Opti-Myst fireplace creates the beautiful flames mainly by water and electricity, and only needs to be connected to electricity and filled with water.

Can you leave a Dimplex heater on overnight? ›

Firstly, make sure that both switches on the wall are turned on and ensure they are left on all the time, including overnight. This will not mean the heater keeps heating 24 hours a day, it will just keep the low powered programmer active.

What is the difference between Optiflame and Opti Myst? ›

Answer: Opti Flame = ribbon effect & Opti Myst = smoke effect As a specialist fireplace supplier, we often get asked to decipher the various electric flame effect terms & the below article will guide you through everything you need to know about the difference between the Opti Flame & Opti Myst technologies.

Do vapor fireplaces give off heat? ›

Do Water Vapor Fireplaces Give Off Heat? The actual flames in a water vapor fireplace are not warm and do not produce heat. However, like most electric fireplaces, the units come equipped with a heater that does produce heat. These provide supplemental heat for a space up to 400 square feet.

What is the healthiest fireplace? ›

Ethanol fireplaces really give you the best of all the worlds without any repercussions. Not only do they have a real flame (unlike electric fireplaces), they require no flues or vents (unlike gas fireplaces) and have zero emissions of toxic compounds (unlike wood burning fireplaces)!

What is the most heat efficient fireplace? ›

Ventless gas fireplaces emit the highest amount of heat with 100% efficiency and are eco-friendly. They have the look and feel of a traditional fireplace, but don't require a chimney. Instead, heated air is recirculated around the room and back into the fireplace keeping the space warm and cozy.

What is the problem with Dimplex Opti Myst? ›

The only major criticism of the Opti Myst fire is that the more complex mechanisms of these fires mean they go wrong much more often. This makes the fire unsuitable for elderly people who cannot work out what has gone wrong.

How long does the water last in a Dimplex Opti Myst? ›

Dimplex Opti-Myst Pro Cassettes & Firebox Installation

Opit-Myst Pro cassettes and firebox are designed to be hardwired into 120V circuit and come standard with an easy-fill water tank that offers 8 hours of continuous operation before refilling is required.

Why is my Opti Myst not misting? ›

No Mist. -Firstly, check that the water tank has sufficient water so that the sump can be filled and covers the transducer. -Ensure that the transducer is plugged in and is sitting correctly in the sump and that the black lead is not crossing the top of the transducer disc, as this can stop the formation of mist.

Can you use bottled water in an Opti Myst fire? ›

We would advise that you use filtered tap water only in your Opti-Myst fire, as this is the best thing for it. You can purchase water filter jugs, those that are kept in the fridge for drinking water, from Amazon or almost any supermarket.

How long does a Dimplex transducer last? ›

The approximate life-span of this transducer is 1000 hours. Replacement discs and / or removal tool must be bought separately. Spare discs not included. PLEASE NOTE: this product is not manufactured by Dimplex, but it is designed to be compatible with Dimplex machines.

How do you clean Opti Myst transducer? ›

To clean the transducer, remove it from the fire and dry carefully. Once dry, clean with the brush provided with your fire. Water should not be allowed to stand in the tank or sump for more than two weeks.

Is Dimplex made in China? ›

The Company is located in China.

Is it safe to leave an electric fireplace on all day? ›

An electric fireplace can be left on for an indefinite period of time. However, with the heating element on 24/7, you will notice a difference in your electric bill. That being said, many people leave their electric fireplace operating for extended periods of time, with the heat turned off.

Do Dimplex heaters use a lot of electricity? ›

When the heat feature is activated, a Dimplex electric fireplace uses approximately 1500 Watts. What does this mean to you as a homeowner? The average total cost to operate the flame and heater is approximately 8¢ per hour (when the heater cycles at 50%).

What is the best rated electric fireplace? ›

Best Electric Fireplaces of 2023
  • Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace.
  • Touchstone The Sideline 50-inch Electric Fireplace.
  • Xbeauty Electric Fireplace Stove Heater.
  • Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace.
  • Ameriwood Home Lamont Mantel Fireplace.
Jan 18, 2023

Is Dimplex better than Napoleon? ›

If you're on a tight budget, go for the Napoleon. If you want the most realistic flames, choose the Dimplex. Either way, you will have a beautiful fireplace that you can enjoy for years. Stylish Fireplaces & Interiors specializes in electric fireplaces and custom design.

Can you leave a fireplace heater on all night? ›

If left on throughout the night while you're sleeping, the electric fireplace could overheat and start a fire. This is also why you should never leave your electric fireplace unattended at any time while the heater is on.

How much does a water vapour fireplace cost? ›

On average, the price of a water vapor electric fireplace insert is between 1200 Euro and 5000 Euro (USD 1250 to USD 5500). However, what makes it particularly economical and eco-friendly is that it only uses water as fuel.

Does a fireplace actually heat a room? ›

Fireplaces typically generate enough heat to warm the room they're in, and they can be very effective at heating that space. To heat your entire home, you would need a fireplace in every room that you want to be heated.

What type of fireplace is most popular? ›

A wood-burning hearth is the standard fireplace used worldwide, as it has been for centuries. It's what comes to mind when most people envision a beautiful fire in a living room. Types of wood-burning fireplace systems are: Site-Built Masonry.

What is the cleanest wood to burn in a fireplace? ›

  • Ash: This is hands down the best kind of wood to burn in a fireplace. ...
  • Beech: As one of the best fire logs for fireplaces and also topping the best firewood for heat, this is second to ash only because it needs to be seasoned.
  • Hawthorn: Very much like beech.
  • Rowan: Exceptional heat and a slow-burning fire.
Oct 12, 2021

What is the average cost of installing a gas fireplace? ›

Typically speaking, those looking to budget for a gas fireplace installation should plan to spend anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 for all costs. While this can be a considerable expense, a fireplace installation has a great return on value when it comes time to sell your home.

Do fireplaces save on heating bills? ›

In short, while fireplaces can be cozy and inviting during the cold winter months, they aren't a good bet when it comes to saving money on your electric bill. It's far more cost effective to use your fireplace as an enjoyable, but non-essential, supplemental heating source in your home.

How do I make my fireplace radiate more heat? ›

Make sure to fully open the damper when starting the fire. When you have a great fire going, slightly close the damper to prevent excess heat from escaping. If the room still isn't warm enough, close the damper a little bit more. This will enhance your heating output.

Are Dimplex Electric Fires expensive to run? ›

They are only good for use in winter

And it costs just pennies to run the flame effect. This is an excellent feature for summer operation or if you live somewhere with a warm climate.

Why does my Dimplex Opti Myst fire keep turning off? ›

An electric fireplace will automatically shut off when it starts to overheat. This is to prevent to the unit from overheating causing damage to the fireplace itself, or becoming a fire hazard for your home.

Do Dimplex fireplaces give off heat? ›

The answer is yes, they do! Electric fireplaces give off heat at the push of a button while also giving the look of real flames.

Are Optimyst fires any good? ›

Excellent, the optimist really does give the impression of a real fire , far more realistic than just lights.

How do you clean a water vapor fireplace? ›

If you have the time, just run your mist nozzle through the dishwasher on the top shelf with your next load of dishes. If not, you can hand wash it with some soapy water in the sink. Use your cleaning brush to remove any deposits before rinsing thoroughly, then dry as completely as possible.

What water can I use in my Optimyst fire? ›

Carry out some simple, regular maintenance on your Optimyst fire by cleaning the transducer and water bottle with warm water. Use filtered water wherever possible – lime scale in hard water areas will stop the transducer working.

Why is my electric fireplace flame effect not working? ›

The most common issues with the flame on an electric fireplace not working can be the need to replace the bulb if no flame effects are being displayed. Issue regarding no movement of the flames or squeaking during operation may be due to a problem with the motor or the rod.

How do you clean a Dimplex fireplace? ›

Never use abrasive cleaners on any Dimplex product as it can cause damage to the interior and exterior of the product. Mantel surface cleaning: To remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, or other marks, wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. A mild detergent can also be used if required.

Are Optimyst fires noisy? ›

Ah, noisy and dry. That was a concern. Can always have a container of scented water around, I guess, but noisy ...that's much less manageable. I like the look of the cream stove!

What type of fire should you never use water on? ›

Never use water to extinguish flammable liquid fires. Water is extremely ineffective at extinguishing this type of fire, and you may, in fact, spread the fire if you try to use water on it. Never use water to extinguish an electrical fire.

Can water be used to put out fire every time? ›

Water being a good conductor of electricity can cause electric shock to the person trying to put off the fire caused by any electrical appliance. Hence, fire caused by electrical appliances should not be put off using water.

Can I use Dimplex Opti Myst without water? ›

An Opti-Myst fireplace creates the beautiful flames mainly by water and electricity, and only needs to be connected to electricity and filled with water.

Can you damage a transducer by running it out of water? ›

Without the water, the transducer could burn out and have issues if left running for an extended period of time out of the water.

Can you clean a transducer? ›

To clean the transducer, use normal synthetic soap and water. To remove marine growth, use fine-grade sandpaper or emery paper. Do not use strong solvents. Do not attempt to scrape of marine growth with sheets of metal, screwdrivers or other tools made of metal or hard plastic.

Where is the fan on a Dimplex Opti Myst fire? ›

The fan well is located to the right of the transducer.

How does Dimplex Optiflame work? ›

The fully three dimensional effect uses established ultrasonic technology to create an ultra-fine water mist. As the mist rises up through the logs or coals, the light reflects against the water creating a convincing illusion of flames and smoke.

How much does it cost to run a Dimplex electric fire? ›

Enjoy the Ambiance All Year Round

With an average electricity rate, the unit operates for a remarkable 3¢ per hour providing all the ambiance and romance of a fireplace, without the heat, whenever you want.

Are Dimplex panel heaters expensive to run? ›

The higher the kilowatt rating of a heater, the more expensive it is likely to be to run, although it will heat a space more quickly. However, many Dimplex portable heating devices come with the latest thermostatic control which can reduce running costs from as much as 30%.

Do electric fireplace inserts use a lot of electricity? ›

Do Electric Fireplaces Use a Lot of Electricity? Electric fireplaces use approximately the same amount of electricity as the average space heater. Since most fireplaces operate on a standard household outlet, they use 120 volts to power the internal heater and draw about 1,500 watts at 12.5 amps.

How economical are Dimplex heaters? ›

Dimplex say their tests have shown savings of 47% against electric radiators. However, the key here is that they are way more efficient than other storage heaters, or electric convection heaters – but the cost of electricity (per unit) is still far more higher than gas.

What is cheapest way to heat a room? ›

The Energy Saving Trust says electric heaters are one of the most expensive forms of heating. It says the cheapest way to heat your home is by using an efficient gas central heating system, with a full set of thermostatic radiator valves, a room thermostat and a timer.

Which electric fire is the cheapest to run? ›

So, after looking at the different types of electric heaters available, due to its lower power-output, halogen heaters are the cheapest electric heaters to run.

What is the cheapest fire to run? ›

In comparison to the running costs of gas and wood burning fires, bio fuel fires are not expensive to run, and when compared with the operating costs of other fireplace types, bio fuel fires came out cheapest.

How much does it cost to run a 1500 watt heater for 8 hours? ›

For example, running a 1,500-watt heater for 8 hours a day can cost an average of $1.92 each day. That means it will cost many users just under $60 to operate the space heater for 8 hours every day for an entire month.

How much does it cost to run a 1500 watt heater for 24 hours? ›

Example: How much does it cost to run a 1500-watt heater for 24 hours? Simple. Such a heater consumes 36 kWh of electricity. Running a 1500-watt heater for 24 hours will cost $4.80.

Do electric heaters make your electric bill high? ›

If you use a space heater in your home, please be aware that using a space heater can cause a significant increase in your monthly bill. A 1,000-watt space heater operating 12 hours a day will add about $40 to your monthly bill.

What are the disadvantages of an electric fireplace? ›

Electric Fireplace Cons

They lack the crackling and popping and smell of real burning wood and for some, the overall ambiance does not live up to a real fireplace. Electric fireplaces are not designed to be the main heat source in a home. In general, they provide as much heat as a small electric space heater.

Can you leave an electric fireplace on all the time? ›

The answer to that question is no. If the product is plugged into an outlet or uses an extension cord, leaving it on all night may present a fire danger. Fireplace safety tips can reduce the risk even further. Though, it is still best to avoid leaving it on all night.

Do electric fireplaces really heat a room? ›

Is an Electric Fireplace Heater Effective? Yes! Today's electric fireplaces not only come in a variety of sizes and designs, but they are also available in varying heating capabilities. Electric fireplaces can also heat a room faster and more efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces, and they're safe to use.

What is the most economical electric heater to use? ›

What is the cheapest electric heater to run?
  • Oil-filled heater.
  • Fan heater. Fan heaters are typically a lot lighter and easily portable. ...
  • Convector heater. ...
  • Halogen heater. ...
  • Radiator bar-style heater.
Dec 16, 2022

What is the most electricity efficient heater? ›

Infrared panels

These heaters provide all of their heat output through infrared warmth, making them super-efficient for homes and businesses. None of their heat is lost to air movement, allowing them to boast a very impressive 100% efficiency, as they convert every watt of energy taken from the wall into usable heat.

Which type of heaters use less electricity? ›

A heat pump is about one-third the cost of running one of these electric heaters. They operate on a similar principle as an air conditioner or refrigerator.


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