One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (2023)

By Xandalee Joseph

Obtaining and consuming a Devil Fruit can grant huge power to a One Piece character, but there can be some unexpected drawbacks, too.

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (1)

Devil Fruits are one of the most sought after objects in the pirate world.As Devil Fruits are magical fruits that grant the eater powers, they’ve become renowned and extremely valuable. In order to acquire the powers of a Devil Fruit, many notable One Piececharacters have stolen, committed murder, and willingly engaged in life threatening tournaments. Understanding the demand and desire for these powerful fruits is what lead Doflamingo to create SMILE Factory.


The SMILE Factory was a facility that developed and produced artificial Devil Fruits called SMILEs. Though the fascination with these fruits created a market for an evil underground factory, the intense popularity of these Devil Fruits suppressed the discussion of its flaws. While the idea of gaining physical powers is alluring, there are many drawbacks that come with obtaining a Devil Fruit.


10 Some Devil Fruits Aren't As Powerful As Others

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (2)

There are severalDevil Fruits that bestow immense physical prowessto its user. Devil Fruits like the Flare-Flare, Op-Op, and Bird-Bird are what make the acquisition of Devil Fruits so intriguing. These fruits present the opportunity of becoming an unstoppable force. However, not all Devil Fruits are made the same. There are some that don't grant any significant advantages to those who’ve consumed it. Fruits like Buggy the Clown’s Chop Chop and Bellamy’s Spring Spring are known as some of the weakest Devil Fruits with amusing limitations.

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9 Obtaining A Powerful Fruit Will Inevitably Make Others Envious

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (3)

The Flare-Flareand Clear-Clear Fruits have been coveted by many onlookers. The Flare-Flare fruit was so popular that several characters engaged in deadly combat in order to obtain it. Sanji was consumed by jealousy upon meeting Absolom because of his ability to become invisible. The desire for powerful Devil Fruits is dangerous for those who possess them. Pirates like Marshall D. Teach are ruthless and aren’t above killing in order to gain power. Given that the death of a user is the only way for a Devil Fruit to reemerge, those with powerful abilities are in constant danger.

8 The Abilities Given Are Permanent

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (4)

Once a person eatsa Devil Fruit, it stays with them for life. The user can’t change their mind, and after they’ve consumed the fruit, they are physically bonded to the fruit and everything it comes with. When Shanks discovered that Luffy ate the Devil Fruit he had, he was frantic. He explained to Luffy that he had just permanently altered his life.

From the moment a fruit is ingested, the user will never be able to swim and will now have to train with their ability to ensure it works to their advantage. This can prove to be difficult once the user's weaknesses are discovered. For example, the abilities of the Sand-Sand fruit are weakened once their opponent uses water.

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7 There's No Age Limit, So Even Kids Are Able To Consume The Fruit

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (5)

As Luffy and Big Mom illustrated,Devil Fruits can be consumed by children. Luffy was immediately placed in a dangerous situation where he nearly drowned and was almost eaten by a Sea King. Children aren’t prepared for the changes associated with Devil Fruit abilities. If Shanks wasn’t there to rescue Luffy, he would’ve died.

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Growing up with a Devil Fruit putsa dangerous target on the back of the child who owns it. Furthermore, the acquisition of a Devil Fruit can place children in traumatic situations as shown by Trafalgar D. Water Law’s story. Though finding the Op-Op fruit saved him, it resulted in the death of his beloved friend Corazon.

6 Some Devil Fruit Abilities Have Consequences

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (6)

A lot of Devil Fruitusers received a rude awakening when using their powers. Many Devil Fruits have unpleasant side effects. Impel Down’s vice warden Magellan ate the Venom-Venom Fruit which allows him to create several types of poison. Though he’s able to produce poison, his body is unable to process it.

As a result, Magellan suffers from severe gastrointestinal issues and has to use the bathroom frequently. In another instance, when healing Luffy from one of Magellan’s poison attacks, Ivan was able to heal him but informed Luffy it would take 10 years off of his life. As exciting as Devil Fruits are, their powers have limitations.

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5 Characters Can't Eat Two Devil Fruits And Survive

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (7)

Knowing that some Devil Fruitsare stronger than others and that once they’re eaten the person is bonded to that fruit forever, combining fruits would be ideal. One could use two fruits that balance each other's weaknesses. Unfortunately, it’d be impossible to execute this strategy. Consuming two Devil Fruits at a time would result in the user's death. This could be particularly dangerous to users who aren't aware of this rule, and Blackbeard is the only exception thus far.

4 It Affects The Lineage Factor

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (8)

Dr. Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge made an interestingdiscovery while conducting their research. They uncovered the “Bloodline Element of all living things,” the Lineage Factor. The Lineage Factor is described as the “blueprint of life," comparable to the function of DNA.

Dr. Vegapunk has used this information to contrive numerous scientific tools. While formulating his inventions, he discovered that Devil Fruits change the user's Lineage Factor. This change is what allows the user to use the fruit’s abilities. Thus far, much isn’t known about the lasting effects of this change. However, it can be assumed that a biological change will have an effect on the user, and potentially affect the user's children as well.

3 Devil Fruits Just Taste Awful

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (9)
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When fans are given the opportunity towitness the consumption of a Devil Fruit, they see the same reaction every time. The character either makes a sour face with their tongue sticking out or they verbally describe how disgusting the fruit tastes.

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As powerful as these fruits are, they aren’t appetizing at all. Characters who know what they’re after must prepare themselves for an unpleasant experience, and those who eat it unwittingly are in for a shock.

2 Seastone Is A Powerful Weapon That Severely Weakens Devil Fruit Users

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (10)

Seastone is a universalweakness for all Devil Fruit users. Once they come into physical contact with the stone, the user is drained of their strength. Seastone prevents them from using their powers and renders them so weak that they are unable to stand. It has been modified in several ways for its use against Devil Fruit users.

Seastone has been converted into prison cells and handcuffs to allow prisoners to remain mobile while restricting their powers. Furthermore, it'sused to make various weapons such as nails, bullets, spears, and chains. Characters are discovering many creative ways to weaponize Seastone, which poses a great threat to Devil Fruit users.

1 Users Lose Their Ability To Swim

One Piece: 10 Harsh Realities Of Eating A Devil Fruit (11)

The main disadvantagegiven to anyone who consumes a Devil Fruitis that they lose their ability to swim. This consequence has proven to be particularly perilous to those that live as pirates out at sea. Once a Devil Fruit user has fallen into open water, they are completely helpless.

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High-profile characters such as Luffy, Chopper, and Big Mom have demonstrated the paralysis experienced by those with Devil Fruit powers who’ve been submerged in water. Devil Fruit users who choose to be pirates risk their lives daily as they are constantly surrounded by water. One Piecehas illustrated that forfeiting one’s ability to swim will leave them vulnerable to drowning more often than they think.

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What happens if you eat an entire Devil Fruit? ›

A person can only eat a single Devil Fruit in their entire lifetime; any attempt to gain a second Devil Fruit power will cause the consumer's body to be blown apart to such a degree that little trace is left of it, resulting in their death.

Who ate 2 Devil Fruits? ›

Blackbeard is the only character in One Piece with two Devil Fruits. How did he do it? Marshall D. Teach, better known by his epithet, is arguably the most dangerous living pirate in One Piece.

What is the most feared Devil Fruit? ›

Bari Bari no Mi allows the user to produce unbreakable barriers, giving them protection from most enemies in their way in the process. Even someone as strong as Kozuki Oden couldn't break the barrier produced by this fruit, making it the most powerful Devil Fruit when it comes to defense.

Who ate 3 Devil Fruits? ›

Zoro can eat 3 devil fruits. Zoro can eat 3 Devil Fruits.

Why can't Devil Fruit users swim? ›

It's not just a loss of muscle memory; entering a body of water saps them of all energy. Even entering a bath can drain a Devil Fruit eater of energy and prevent them from using their abilities. Notably, it does need to be a body of water.

Can 1 person eat 2 Devil fruits? ›

It is important to remember that characters in One Piece can only consume one devil fruit. If they attempted to consume another one, their body would be torn apart to an extent that almost no traces would be left. This would ultimately result in their death.

Is there a water Devil Fruit? ›

The Mizu Mizu no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to become, create, and control water. This turns the user into a Water Person (Mizu Ningen). "Mizu" is the japanese word for "water".

Who ate the first Devil Fruit? ›

The oldest introduced Devil Fruit user is Kozuki Toki, who was born 800 years ago, meaning Devil Fruits have existed in the world for at least eight centuries.

What is Zoro's Devil Fruit? ›

What is the coolest Devil Fruit? ›

The Gura Gura no Mi is considered the strongest Paramecia devil fruit of all for its absolute destructive powers. Whitebeard earned the title of the “Strongest man in the world” with this devil fruit.

Who is the most skilled Devil Fruit user? ›

1 Blackbeard

While there is plenty of competition, Blackbeard is undoubtedly the most powerful Logia user in One Piece. He is in possession of two massively overpowered Devil Fruits — the Gura Gura no Mi and the Yami Yami no Mi.

What is big mom Devil Fruit? ›

How many Devil Fruits Luffy ate? ›

This is the only devil fruit Luffy has consumed in One Piece. It is important to remember that characters in One Piece can only consume one devil fruit. If they attempted to consume another one, their body would be torn apart to an extent that almost no traces would be left. This would ultimately result in their death.

Does Mihawk have a Devil Fruit? ›

He and Jimbei are currently the only known Seven Warlords who do not have Devil Fruit powers.

Can Devil Fruit users get wet? ›

Yes they can. Devil fruit users only lose their abilities (of both their DF and swimming ability) when in waters from the sea.

Can Luffy take a bath? ›

Of course! It's only salt water that's a problem for Devil Fruit users. Otherwise, they'd feel all woozy any time they had something to drink. Bathing is fine as long as you're bathing in fresh water.

What happens if Luffy tries to swim? ›

Like others exposed to Devil Fruit, Luffy cannot swim; when he is submerged in water or contacts the Sea-Prism Stone, he loses his strength and cannot move on his own. In addition to his Devil Fruit powers, he has immense strength, durability, speed, reflexes, agility, endurance, and stamina.

What happens if Devil Fruit user dies? ›

Devil Fruits exist in a cycle of reincarnation; when a Devil Fruit user dies, their ability is reborn in a new fruit. Instead of growing from a plant, the ability simply regenerates inside another similar fruit which then transforms into the Devil Fruit in question.

Does Gol D Roger have a Devil Fruit? ›

In addition, unlike the majority of the most powerful individuals in the world, Roger never had any Devil Fruit powers, which makes him even more impressive.

What is Luffy's Devil Fruit real name? ›

More importantly, the fruit's real name was hidden by the Government to hide its significance. In a shocking turn of events, it was revealed that the Gomu Gomu no Mi is actually a Zoan type of Devil Fruit and its real name is the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

What happens if 2 people share a Devil Fruit? ›

If a devil fruit was split in half and two people ate one half each, would both of them get the devil fruit powers? No. The devil fruit will lose its powers once a part, even the slightest part of that fruit was eaten by someone.

Is there a Mercury Devil Fruit? ›

Suigin Suigin no Mi is Logia-type Devil Fruit that enables users body to become liquiq mercury, create and manipulate mercury and create chemical compounds of it, thus making user Mercury Human. It is eaten by Ashen Cloud.

Is there a mermaid Devil Fruit? ›

Ningyo Ningyo no Mi, model: Mermaid(lit. Merfolk-Merfolk Fruit, model mermaid) is a Zoan-class Devil Fruit that allows the user transform partially or fully into a mermaid.

Who created Devil Fruit? ›

The creation of artificial Devil Fruits is known to have been attempted twice. First by the great scientist of the World Government Vegapunk, and later by Caesar Clown under the employ of Donquixote Doflamingo.

Who ate the rarest Devil Fruit? ›

One of the many snake Fruits seen in One Piece, the Yamata no Orochi version is considered to be the rarest out of them all. It was eaten by the Shogun of Wano, Kurozumi Orochi, and it grants him the ability to transform into an eight-headed serpent, each head having its own personality.

Who is the king of Devil Fruits? ›

Devil Fruit

King the Conflagration is one of the three All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates and Kaidou's right-hand man. Born as Alber, he is a member of the near-extinct lunarian race from the Red Line, noted for their ability to create fire. Due to his actions and role, he is a major antagonist in the Wano Country Arc.

Why is Zoro's left eye cut? ›

Zoro wanted to see if he was worthy of Mihawks little knife necklace thing so he threw it it the air (like his cursed sword) and it slashed his eye which meant he still wasn't worthy to wield that knife.

Does Sanji find all blue? ›

During Sanji's cooking battle in a Loguetown Arc filler episode, it was mentioned that some fish species that should not exist in the East Blue were found due to ocean currents, which made Sanji certain that the All Blue exists. In a Water 7 filler episode, Sanji finds another hint of the All Blue's existence.

Why is Zoro's left eye? ›

How did Zoro's eye get cut? While sparring with Mihawk, Zoro dodged to the wrong direction. He's suppose to dodge to the right but instead moved to the left, thus the left eye scar.

What is the fastest Devil Fruit? ›

The Soku Soku no Mi is a Paramecia-Type Devil Fruit that enables the user the ability to move at extreme speeds, thus making the user a Fast Human (速い人間 Hayai Ningen).

Is Luffy Devil Fruit rare? ›

One Piece's new chapter revealed Luffy's powers actually come from a Mythical Zoan type, one of the rarest forms of Devil Fruit. For 25 years, readers of One Piece believed that the protagonist, Luffy ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit, which gave his body the properties of rubber.

Which fruit is most powerful? ›

Mango. Known as the “king of fruits,” mangoes are an excellent source of potassium, folate, fiber, and vitamins A, C, B6, E, and K. They're also rich in numerous plant polyphenols that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ( 27 ). In particular, mangoes are high in mangiferin, a potent antioxidant.

Does Luffy awaken his Devil Fruit? ›

Luffy ended up awakening his Devil Fruit, which turned out to be a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit based on a legendary character, giving him a new form and set of skills in an unexpected turn of events.

What is the number 1 Devil Fruit? ›

Magu Magu No Mi

Sakazuki Akainu's devil fruit has been referenced as being the devil fruit with the highest offensive capabilities in the world of One Piece.

Is Robin's Devil Fruit awakened? ›

However, while it may be awakened it hasn't currently been shown to be so. Especially for the Strawhats, but as we've seen with Doflamingo and Katakuri, Oda has them explicitly mention they are now in their awakened state.

What is the rarest ability in One Piece? ›

1 Conqueror's Haki

Conqueror's Haki is one of the rarest powers in the world of One Piece, and only one in a million people can wield it. This form of Haki is available only to those who are born with it, meaning not everyone can utilize its powers.

Is gum gum fruit weak? ›

Luffy's Gum Gum Fruit is one of the strongest in the world of One Piece, but there are still some varieties that are stronger. Gum Gum Fruit, also called the Gomu Gomu no Mi, is one of the most featured Devil Fruit in the world of One Piece.

Who is the weakest guy in One Piece? ›

One Piece's weakest Conqueror's Haki user is undoubtedly Eustass Kid. He's shown no signs of training or skill with the technique, as well as showing no signs of Advanced Conqueror's Haki. While it's likely he eventually becomes more skillful with it, Kid currently ranks as the weakest user of the form in the series.

Can Brook have 2 Devil Fruits? ›

Long story short, Yomi Yomi no Mi is not a "one time use". Brook cannot have another Devil Fruit, unless Oda-sensei's hyper-creative imagination provides him a loophole.

Is there a black Devil Fruit? ›

What is the dark Devil Fruit? The Dark-Dark Fruit (ヤミヤミ実, Yami Yami Mi) is a Logia-type Cursed Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into darkness at will, making the user a Darkness Human (闇人間, Yami Ningen).

Who is the soul fruit user? ›

Soru Soru no Mi

Does Luffy have a kid? ›

Overview: Luffy and Hancock's child, Monkey D. Flora, is now 8 years old, but is still training to be a Kuja warrior. In this episode, Luffy visits Amazon Lily and Flora meets him for the first time.

What is Luffy's second Devil Fruit called? ›

The Gomu Gomu no Mi which is also referred to as “Hito Hito Model: Nika” It is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that enables the user's body to stretch, making the user a rubber Human (ゴム人間 Gomu Ningen). "Gomu" means "Gum" in Japanese. In the Viz Manga, 4Kids and FUNimation dubs, it is called the gum-gum Fruit.

How did Luffy get his scar? ›

It's in episode 223 when all except Luffy and Robin has no memory of becoming pirates. Zoro gets hypnotised by a memory thief and attacks Luffy. In the fight, Zoro uses his Katana and make a X mark on Luffy's chest. That is how Luffy got his scar.

Who's son is Mihawk? ›

Mihawk is Rayleigh's son | Fandom.

Who is stronger Kaido or Shanks? ›

Whether Shanks can defeat Kaido or not is unknown, but he is certainly on par with Kaido, if not stronger. Interestingly, the two have already fought once in the New World, and Shanks emerged unscathed at Marineford after the fight.

Which Devil Fruit Shanks has? ›

10 Shanks Does Not Have Devil Fruit Powers

Shanks is the only Yonkou who does not possess any kind of Devil Fruit powers. This separates him from the rest of the Yonkou as all of them have devil fruit powers.

Do you get stronger if you eat the whole Devil Fruit? ›

It is not necessary to eat the entire fruit. A single bite is enough for the consumer to obtain the power.

Did Luffy eat the entire Devil Fruit? ›

Luffy accidentally ate the Gomu-Gomu (Rubber-Rubber) fruit, but was interrupted by Shanks after a few bites.

What is Devil Fruit user weakness? ›

Seastone is a universal weakness for all Devil Fruit users. Once they come into physical contact with the stone, the user is drained of their strength. Seastone prevents them from using their powers and renders them so weak that they are unable to stand.

What is Devil Fruit Eater weakness? ›

Oda stated in an SBS that Devil Fruit users are susceptible to all types of water, not just seawater. This includes the White Sea surrounding Skypiea. He elaborated on this, saying that "moving" water, like rain or waves, does not weaken Devil Fruit users, while standing water, like lakes or rivers, does.

Is Luffy's Fruit a Zoan? ›

With One Piece chapter 1044, Eiichiro Oda shocked the fans by revealing one such mystery pertaining to Luffy's Devil Fruit. To everyone's surprise, Luffy, who was always believed to be a user of the Paramecia type Gomu Gomu no Mi, is actually a user of a Zoan type Devil Fruit.

What Fruit does Monkey D Luffy have? ›

Luffy's rubberiness is a result of eating a devil fruit called the Gum-Gum Fruit. It makes him immune to electric attacks and most blunt forces, also giving him the ability to stretch his body at will.

What is Luffy's real Devil Fruit name? ›

As for what we know about the power, Luffy's real fruit is called the Hito Hito no Mi: Nika. It is a Mythical Zoan fruit, and it transforms its user into the 'Sun God' Nika once it has been awakened.

Could Luffy have 2 Devil Fruits? ›

This is the only devil fruit Luffy has consumed in One Piece. It is important to remember that characters in One Piece can only consume one devil fruit. If they attempted to consume another one, their body would be torn apart to an extent that almost no traces would be left. This would ultimately result in their death.

What Devil Fruit did Sanji eat? ›

Sanji hated Absalom even more because he ate the Suke Suke no Mi. However, though this was the only Devil Fruit that Sanji was ever interested in, he lost interest in the fruit after his fight with Absalom, deciding that he shall just have to peek on women anyway without it.

Is Luffy immune to fire? ›

Yes, fire can hurt Luffy, either regular fire, or fire infused with Haki. The only things that can't hurt him, are lightning, weak poisons, and blunt objects unless those objects are empowered with Haki, then they can hurt him, blunt or sharp.


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